Thousands of social and behavioral factors.

Millions of claims and clinical records.

250 million US adults.

How do you transform all that data into information?

Carrot MarketView™ turns consumer data into straightforward, actionable insights for healthcare payers and providers

Carrot MarketView™: Cloud-based healthcare business and marketing intelligence solutions delivering real-time insights about consumers and competitors.


Answer key questions to forecast changes in the market next year and beyond:

Where do I grow?     With whom do I grow?     How do I grow?

Featured Whitepaper:

The Iceberg Cometh

Welcome to Sickville, USA

Increasingly, the U.S. healthcare system devotes resources, attention and innovation to managing the care of patients with cancer or chronic illness. However, it vastly underestimates the growth of that population and is poor at identifying individuals who will end up needing such services. The Iceberg Cometh, the first of a four-part white paper series co-authored by Carrot Health’s Kurt Waltenbaugh and 4sight Health’s David Johnson, taps powerful consumer and health data analytics to reveal the enormous crisis American healthcare is speeding toward.

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