What if you knew exactly which consumers, channels, and plan design features would increase your market share?

  • Increase your acquisition of profitable customers
  • Directly impact your growth trajectory and forecasting capabilities in competitive markets
  • Projected payback in less than one year with an expected ROI of over 210%
Bend Your Growth Curve
Carrot MarketView™ Customer Segmentation


Maximize your ability to SEE your consumers and understand the determinants that shape health outcomes, allowing you to forecast risk and improve your profitability.

Nationwide segmentation of the healthcare consumer, combining fully identified:

  • Consumer Data: social/behavioral environment/economic determinants of health
  • Market Data: the best competitor & plan intelligence available
  • Clinical Data: actual clinical encounter & claims information


Your team will be able to answer key questions, forecasting changes in the market next year and beyond:

  • Where do I grow? (Geography)
  • With whom do I grow? (Members)
  • How do I grow? (Strategy)

Real-time dashboard access for Strategy, Product, Marketing, Sales, Actuarial, Finance, and Population Health teams ensure a unified view of the consumer, a ‘True North’ to guide consumer-focused decision making across the organization.

Carrot MarketView™ Insights
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