We can tell you exactly which consumers, channels and plan design features will increase your market share and profitability

  • Acquire new members by identifying consumers most likely to respond to your offering
  • Accelerate growth in competitive markets through targeted outreach
  • Understand how social and behavioral factors shape health outcomes
  • Improve profitability by aligning your plan design to specific consumer segments

Powered by Healthcare’s Largest Collection of Individually Identified Consumer Data

Hyper-local segmentation of the healthcare consumer, combining:

  • Consumer Data: Social, behavioral, environmental, and economic determinants of health
  • Market Data: The best competitor and plan intelligence available
  • Clinical Data: Actual clinical encounter and claims information

Uniquely comprehensive data

  • More than 5,000 variables and 250 million identified individuals
  • Hyper-local segmentation of the healthcare consumer

Comprehensive Data Analysis
Sophisticated Machine Learning
Validated Predictive Models

  • Clinically validated models designed specifically for health plans
  • Forecast health outcomes by modeling variations in consumer behavior
  • Forecast risk and improve your profitability by aligning contract design to specific consumer micro-segments and individuals

Real-time dashboard access
A united view of the consumer
A “True North” to guide consumer-focused decision making across your organization:

  • Strategy
  • Product
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Actuarial
  • Finance
  • Population Health

90 Days to Value

  • SaaS platform allows for immediate deployment and time-to-value

Comprehensive Customer Service

  • Dedicated expert support and guidance to ensure your success
  • Facilitate strategy and decision making to help your organization leverage data-driven decision making based on consumer behavior

Enterprise-Grade, HIPAA-Compliant Platform

Enterprise-grade, HIPAA-compliant platform

  • User-level access control
  • Secure data transfer and storage