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Local and Individualized SDoH Data Is Critical to Advancing Health Equity

Achieving health equity begins with addressing the root causes of health disparities. Take a look at how comprehensive data can unlock answers to health barriers and guide intervention strategies.

How Health Plans Can Improve the ROI of In-Home Test Kits

For payers to see ROI from Quality programs in general (and in-home test kits specifically), payers must identify the members most likely to benefit from engagement. In this Q&A, Nick Boerger, Senior Manager on Carrot Health’s Product Management Team, explains why a 360-degree view of the member is critical for effectively engaging the right members.

Q&A on the Carrot Community Committee (C3)

Customer Solutions Manager Jenny Bergerson shares her experience as a member of the Carrot Community Committee (C3), including her personal interest in — and passion for — the diversity, equity and inclusion component of C3’s work.

2021 Healthcare Utilization and Spending May Trigger ACA’s Medical Loss Ratio Provision

Health plans may end this year below the minimum MLR due to the decline in utilization during the pandemic and lack of rebound. Here’s a look at what that means for health organizations.

Despite Pandemic Fatigue, Avoid the Temptation of Travel

But travel now? At the present time, my answer is a firm “no.” I know the benefits of time away, but leisure travel must take a back seat to more essential needs, such as providing healthcare and keeping schools open.