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Despite Pandemic Fatigue, Avoid the Temptation of Travel

But travel now? At the present time, my answer is a firm “no.” I know the benefits of time away, but leisure travel must take a back seat to more essential needs, such as providing healthcare and keeping schools open.

The ROI of Financing Healthy Lifestyles and Removing Barriers to Good Health

While I’m thankful for my health and the health of those around me, we must do better. The privileges allowing me to live a healthy life should not be hoarded but rather shared across every community.

Homelessness as Public Health Crisis: Interventions That Make Financial Sense

As a state or local government, Medicaid insurance program, health system, FQHC (Federally Qualified Health Center), employer, or even taxpayer, you are paying for the costs of housing insecurity and homelessness. These financial costs – and the impact on the individuals and families in both health issues and early deaths – are avoidable.

The Math Behind Homelessness: A Public Health Crisis

While risk varies dramatically by individual, the costs of homelessness are born by every one of us, and public health spending is often the largest component. For interventions to have the best chance for success, those in healthcare and public policy need accurate information about what’s at stake.

How to Craft Better Member Outreach Using Consumer Data

Outreach efforts that don’t consider consumer behavior might result in member abrasion and missed opportunities to improve member engagement. Leveraging advanced data and analytics can help plans optimize results. Here, we outline a targeted approach to outreach.