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6 Steps to Precision Marketing for AEP

It’s time to rethink and retool AEP marketing by leveraging robust data analytics. A new white paper from Carrot Health introduces AEP Precision Marketing, a six-step, data-driven process that health plans can use to develop and direct highly structured and customer-responsive AEP campaigns.

Medicare Advantage Market Intelligence Needed to Acquire, Retain, and Engage Members

To make better decisions aligned with overall strategic goals – like driving growth, reducing costs, and improving patient outcomes – health plans must be able to answer fundamental, strategic questions. First, however, health plans have to understand the kind of market intelligence they actually need. Here, we outline how it all comes together.

How to Drive Member Retention and Acquisition for 2020 AEP

During the most recent AEP, 80% of health plans that used Carrot Health’s MarketView platform, data modeling and segmentation for 2019 AEP outperformed their competitors in comparable markets. Our customers saw 7.8% net growth compared with competitor losses of -2.7%. In addition, they realized 460% year-over-year growth when comparing 2019 with Carrot (7.8%) to 2018 on their own (1.7%).

How Health Plans Can Harness Data and Thrive in Medicare Advantage Markets

Health plans competing in the Medicare Advantage market have common goals: acquire, retain, and engage members, preferably at higher rates than other plans in the same market. Unfortunately, many plans pursue these goals without the benefit of deep and timely market intelligence. Lacking the infrastructure to access, manage, and leverage timely and accurate data easily…

Help for Health Care Analysts: In-Depth Data on AEP Winners and Losers in 24 Hours

Medicare health plans are mired in CMS enrollment data right now and pressed for time to answer some critical questions about their AEP performance: How does your AEP success, or lack of, compare to the competition? What product features won in your region? What plans gained the most market share from AEP and age-in’s? How…