Carrot Community Committee (C3) Partners

Constellation Fund is finding the stars and connecting the dots in the fight against poverty.

How can the country’s most generous state, and our beloved home of Minnesota, also be home to some of the country’s worst inequities? This startling juxtaposition compelled us to rethink our approach as a philanthropic community.

The philanthropic landscape is a marketplace of ideas filled with committed organizations offering many different types of poverty-fighting interventions. In the commercial world, the goods that sell in a market are sorted and ranked by the interaction of supply and demand, and with key indicators like profits and losses. In the philanthropic world, by contrast, competitive forces cannot be relied upon to select the interventions having the largest impacts. The task of sorting is left to the judgment of the funder. At Constellation, we believe that this judgment should be informed by the best available information.

We believe smart philanthropy is kind philanthropy.

Constellation invests in and empowers organizations that demonstrably raise the living standards of individuals living in poverty in the Twin Cities. To do this, we focus our support on four key issue areas and, importantly, the intersections between them: education, employment, health, and housing. These are broad categories, so Constellation prioritizes the evaluation of organizations addressing the key drivers that local data and research indicates are exacerbating inequities in each impact area.