Carrot Community Committee (C3)

We created the Carrot Community Committee (C3) to put actions behind our values – and to make a positive impact within our community. We believe in a culture that uplifts everyone equally and equitably, embraces diversity, and values education and knowledge.

Knowing there’s strength in numbers, we decided to come together as an organization to make a greater impact.

The goal of C3 is to find ways to engage with our community in meaningful ways, and to provide our team members with opportunities to get involved.

Our mission at C3 is tied to three core values:

Focus and coordinate volunteer efforts and contributions to selected partner organizations

Provide educational opportunities to those who would most benefit from them

Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the Carrot Health team

By partnering with organizations who share our values, Carrot Health is amplifying our impact within our community.

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