Carrot Health and Deft Research Announce Joint Service Offering

MINNEAPOLIS – January 28, 2020 – Carrot Health, a leading provider of healthcare solutions powered by consumer data, and Deft Research, a leading market research and insights company advising healthcare organizations on business operations, today announced a partnership to deliver integrated solutions to the health plan market. The new product, Survey Solutions, combines Deft’s primary research expertise and Carrot Health’s consumer data analytics to help drive health plan performance.

“In today’s competitive payer market, a holistic approach to member engagement and strategic growth is imperative. Combining primary research with predictive analytics will help health plans gain an unparalleled multi-faceted view into their membership,” said Kurt Waltenbaugh, Carrot Health CEO.

Survey Solutions delivers year-round insights into market dynamics, growth strategies, product preference, Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS), and Social Determinants of Health (SDoH). This joint offering provides benefits including:

  • Access to Carrot Health’s MarketView™ intelligence, containing Medicare market data and dynamic visualization tools
  • Marketing insights around strategic prospect targeting, plan choice drivers, and benefit/product design
  • Enhanced visibility into member risk and engagement through integration of social determinants of health data
  • Survey analysis and utility optimization simulation to help understand market conditions and product preference
  • Custom Survey Solutions dashboards delivering actionable insights on survey results

“Every market in the country presents health plans with a different challenge. Those differences are shaped by the local population, competitive landscape, care delivery infrastructure, and various social and economic factors. Our complimentary service offering helps bring clarity to those challenges and drive sustainable growth,” said Randy Herman, Deft Research CEO.

Carrot Health and Deft Research developed Survey Solutions based on numerous joint engagements with health plan customers. The module is available immediately within the Carrot MarketView platform.

About Carrot Health:

Carrot Health believes in enabling a future with no barriers to better health, for everyone. We believe that shining the bright light of data onto our disparities will help us, all working together, improve health. We provide consumer insights for each and every individual person in the United States to engage patients and members, close gaps in care, and optimize performance for healthcare payers and provider systems. The Carrot MarketView™ software platform incorporates social, behavioral, environmental, and economic barriers to health data to deliver a 360-degree view of the consumer, providing actionable insights to inform Growth, Health, and Quality.

About Deft Research:

Deft Research is a market research firm and the health insurance industry’s most trusted source for relevant market and consumer information. Combining primary research, local market data, and big data, our studies provide health plans the information they need to strategically plan their marketing, product and sales campaigns. 

Media Contact:

Michael Hartwell, Director of Business Development
Carrot Health

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