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Published on August 31, 2017

Labor Day Weekend is almost here, and that means millions of Americans will be hitting the road. Last year, AAA estimated that 38 million Americans would travel 50 or more miles from home during the Labor Day Weekend, with automobiles accounting for 89% of these trips.

For many people, driving a long way from home isn’t just a holiday activity — it’s their daily commute. The map below shows the percentage of commuters who get to work by driving alone for at least 30 minutes (green = low, red = high):


Percentage of Commuters Who Drive Alone and 30+ Minutes To Work

As researchers first showed in 2012, the farther people commute by vehicle, the higher their blood pressure and body mass index, and the lower their physical activity. Carrot Health data for Minnesota shows that counties with the highest percentage of people with long commutes have:

  • 46% higher prevalence of anxiety
  • 34% higher prevalence of high cholesterol
  • 41% higher prevalence of obesity

Commuting patterns are one of the many social and behavioral factors that affect the future health status of individuals and populations. The Carrot MarketView™ software platform gives healthcare organizations a powerful way to harness these insights — improving patient outcomes, reducing costs, and driving profitable revenue growth.

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