A Requiem for American Sick-Care

Published on November 11, 2019

By Amogh Rajan, Product Manager

Inequalities prevent many Americans from getting the good, consistent healthcare we all deserve – not as Americans, but as humans. While inequalities and disparities may never completely go away, Carrot Health believes the adverse impact they have on accessing reasonable care should disappear. The burden is on the shoulders of socially responsible organizations to make that a reality.

Carrot believes in a world where barriers to basic human care will be removed. As it stands today, we’ve helped our customers identify disparities that have an impact on healthcare for 35% of the Medicare population. We’re proud, but we know we’re only getting started.  

I’m not writing this blog to boast about our success, but rather to paint an honest picture of what we’ve learned over the years. We find that healthcare payers and/or providers who tend to be most successful in leveraging big data and consumer insights (to advance healthcare, not sick-care) are the ones that are open to reviewing an enterprise-wide data strategy that utilizes clinical, consumer and public data.

Here are some unique characteristics of such players who effectively move the needle:

  • They look at population health from a preventive and rising risk lens.
  • They show maturity in thought and execution by
    • breaking down silos between teams such as quality, population health, risk adjustment, growth, and marketing, among others; and
    • fueling these teams by using a unified, interoperable data-source.
  • They conduct – and act on – patient/member experience surveys.
  • They proactively identify and address factors outside of the healthcare realm that lead to adverse health outcomes. These social determinants of health include transportation needs, home improvements, food insecurity, and health literacy.

But even these forward-thinking organizations are far from perfect. As technologies evolve and new datasets are made available, it should be the responsibility of every healthcare organization to enable the way people, processes, and technologies utilize a patient’s data in a unified fashion. A 360-degree member view will help each organization make informed decisions, drive efficiency and, most importantly, address the needs of members proactively and holistically, going beyond episodic “sick care.”

Carrot Health believes that doing so will not only be profitable for payers and providers but also benefit the end consumer. Advancing healthcare, not sick-care will help build a nation without a 25-year mortality gap. It will enable a world that invests in creating and maintaining healthy lives, helping people before they get sick. Shining the bright light of data will help us address societal disparities and inequalities, forever reversing the roughly 50-year decline driven by the barriers to health. At Carrot Health, this is what we strive for.

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