Carrot MarketView™ for Healthcare Payers

Accelerate member growth and market share with MarketView Growth

MarketView Growth provides marketing teams with unique micro-segments and consumer preferences in their service areas, and shows them how to prioritize and target specific groups and individuals to optimize new member acquisition and member retention.

  • Market Intelligence provides immediate access to national market information such as plan benefits, market share, plan winners and losers by geography, and much more
  • Dramatically improve the cost efficiency and conversion rate for consumer marketing campaigns
  • Track the results of every marketing campaign automatically
  • Get detailed reports on who became a member and cost of acquisition

Local vs. one-size-fits-all national approach:

30-50% increase in accuracy

Amount of Lift Above Random



National Models


Carrot Health Models


80% of Carrot Health customers outperformed the market

with a net growth of 7.8%

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