Carrot MarketView™ for Healthcare Payers

Understand underlying SDoH risk and reduce TCoC in your membership with MarketView Health

MarketView Health leverages Carrot Health’s market-leading database of Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) – social, behavioral, economic, and environmental factors – at the individual level.

  • Identify future high-cost members
  • Prioritize interventions that positively impact health outcomes
  • Access hundreds of proprietary predictive models – predict without the need for historical claims or clinical data
  • Utilize our Social Risk Grouper to deliver SDoH dashboards and scores for your members, providing visibility to the underlying risk factors leading to poor outcomes, and directing program investment
  • Social Risk Groups (SRGs) are built from predictive social risk models that group every individual into high, medium, or low risk for each of the groups, along with a normalized local index.
  • Each of the SRGs roll up into one of four categories. Each individual is locally stratified within each category as high, medium, or low risk.
  • The Grouper scores every individual in the U.S. to deliver a single risk score from 0 (low) to 99 (high).

SRG Categories

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