Carrot MarketView™ for Healthcare Payers

Gain a clearer view of your membership with Carrot Health/Deft Research Survey Solutions

Delivered in partnership with Deft Research, Carrot Health Survey Solutions provides a multifaceted view into your membership through primary survey research and big data analytics to improve all areas of plan performance.

  • Review Medicare market data in dynamic visualization tools MarketView intelligence
  • Gain insight into plan and supplemental benefits for product design and market growth
  • Access three expertly designed ‘Pulse of the Consumer’ email surveys created by Deft Research
  • Take advantage of custom survey analysis and product utility of optimization simulator
  • Uncover actionable insights on survey results using the Survey Solutions Dashboard

Survey Solutions


Survey Solutions drives performance in:

  • Member experience with health plan, drug plan, and quality of health care
  • Social determinants of health and product plan design
  • New member growth and acquisition

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