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Carrot MarketView™ for Healthcare Providers

The Carrot MarketView platform brings consumer insights to ACOs, Fee-For-Service providers, and organizations working with value-based contracts.

Bringing Consumer Insights to Providers

Explore the full power of the Carrot MarketView platform

Accelerate patient growth and market share with MarketView Essentials

Discover the value of MarketView Essentials

Making investments and strategy decisions without data is like flying blind

MarketView Essentials is an interactive, easy-to-use solution that delivers real-time consumer insights for the entire U.S. population, putting key information for service line growth and population health at your fingertips.

  • Everything you need to know about Medicare, Medicaid, and ACA patient populations across the U.S.
  • Provider-level data for Medicare services
  • Patient encounter trending
  • Consumer and clinical insights by geography
  • Geographic mapping for marketing and facility location

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Elevate your marketing with MarketView Growth

Fuel your marketing campaigns with consumer data and modeling

MarketView Growth shows marketing teams how to optimize new patient acquisition by targeting specific groups and individuals.

  • See unique micro-segments and consumer preferences in each service area
  • Develop prioritized lists of individuals for outreach by geography, consumer persona, and service line
  • Dramatically improve the cost efficiency and conversion rate for marketing campaigns
  • Automatically track the results of every marketing campaign
  • Get detailed reports on who became a patient and cost of acquisition by service line and geography
  • Identify the best service areas and locations for new facilities, and predict exactly which consumers are likely customers using analytical models and geo-mapping technology
Understand your business with MarketView Service Line Assessment

Complete business intelligence and reporting at the service line level

MarketView Service Line Assessment gives you easy access to a wealth of information about your service lines, patients, and revenue and cost trends.

  • Measure the impact of new patients to your system, by overall revenue and health system engagement
  • Identify trends by service line, including which individuals and conditions are accessing your services
  • Analyze insurance mix by service line and market segment, and correlate reimbursements by segment and geography
  • Understand where your patients are coming from
  • Identify market expansion opportunities using advanced geo-mapping and predictive analytics
Manage risk with MarketView Risk & Engagement

Support your value-based care initiatives with consumer/patient data to inform spending, risk profile, use of services, and future clinical risk

MarketView Risk & Engagement leverages Carrot Health’s market-leading database of Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) – social, behavioral, economic, and environmental factors – at the individual level.

  • Identify future high-cost patients
  • Prioritize interventions that positively impact health outcomes
  • Access more than 150 proprietary predictive models – predict without the need for historical claims or clinical data
  • Hospital Value-Based Purchasing (HVBP) Program
  • Hospital Readmission Reduction (HRR) Program
  • Value Modifier (VM) Program (also called the Physician Value-Based Modifier or PVBM)
  • Hospital Acquired Conditions (HAC) Program
  • End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Quality Initiative Program
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Value-Based Program (SNFVBP)
  • Home Health Value-Based Program (HHVBP)

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