Carrot MarketView™ for Healthcare Providers

A cloud-based healthcare business and marketing intelligence solution that delivers real-time consumer insights for service line growth and population health under both fee-for-service and ACO models

MarketViewProvider Platform2-1

Consumer Marketing & Segmentation


Accountable Care Organizations

Service Line Assessment

  • Measure the impact of new patients to your system in overall revenue and engagement with the health system
  • Identify trends over time by service line, identify which individuals are accessing your services and their conditions
  • See insurance mix by service line and by market segment, correlate reimbursement by segment and geography (zip code, county, etc.)
  • Geo-mapping shows where your patients are coming from and where your market expansion opportunities can be found
Carrot Health Social Risk Index

Facility & Service Line Growth

New Facility Planning

MarketView’s consumer data, predictive models, and geo-mapping technology helps you take the guesswork out of new facility planning and marketing. Identify the best service areas and locations for new facilities, and predict exactly which consumers are likely customers.

Service Line Growth

MarketView gives your marketing team a data-driven view of your service line – the individuals you are currently serving, and those you are not. Develop a prioritized list of individuals for outreach by geography, consumer persona, and service line.

Value-Based Payment Risk Scores

Support your value-based care initiatives with consumer/patient data to inform spending, risk profile, use of services, and future clinical risk

  • Hospital Value-Based Purchasing (HVBP) Program
  • Hospital Readmission Reduction (HRR) Program
  • Value Modifier (VM) Program (also called the Physician Value-Based Modifier or PVBM)
  • Hospital Acquired Conditions (HAC) Program
  • End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Quality Initiative Program
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Value-Based Program (SNFVBP)
  • Home Health Value-Based Program (HHVBP)

Population Health

Environmental, behavioral, economic and demographic characteristics drive 80-90% of an individual’s current and future health status. To understand and predict health risks, population health professionals need to understand the social and behavioral factors that determine health.

MarketView gives your population health team a full view of the consumers in the communities you serve. Your team can better prioritize outreach programs where they will be most effective and impactful.


- Male, Age 58
- Married, 3 Adult Children
- Education: BA
- Household Income: $100k
- Household Net Worth: $500k
- Fitness Level: Medium
- Frequent Traveler, Domestic & Int'l
- Regular Voter - Leans Democratic
- Tech Savvy & Online Shopper
- Preferred Channel: email or web
- Negative Channel: landline phone
- Pet Owner, Dog

Likely2 Scores:

- High Patient Engagement
- High Diabetic Index
- Weak Primary Care Bond

Annual Health Spend < $2k


- Male, Age 58
- Divorced, 1 Adult Child
- Education: BA
- Household Income: $100k
- Household Net Worth: $500k
- Fitness Level: Low
- Sporadic Voter
- Catalog Shopper
- Preferred Channel: direct mail
- Negative Channel: web, social
- No pets

Likely2 Scores:

- Low Patient Engagement
- High Diabetic Index
- Weak Primary Care Bond

Annual Health Spend > $18k