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Carrot Health White Papers

Leveraging Data to Boost Star Ratings Performance: Three Steps to Building and Operating an Exceptional Program

In the Medicare Advantage market, Star Rating performance impacts a health plan’s bottom-line profitability and shapes consumer perceptions. Achieving and maintaining exceptional Star Rating performance is becoming increasingly difficult due to rising CMS standards, higher consumer expectations, and a shift in emphasis toward scores in more ambiguous categories like member...

Know Thy Customer:
How Health Plans Can Combine Big Data Analytics and Primary Survey Data

A data-driven understanding of the customer is an essential foundation for health plans that are striving to optimize CMS measures, member engagement, and market growth. This white paper describes two complementary approaches to developing a holistic, granular and personalized view of the customer – leveraging primary survey data and big...

AEP Precision Marketing:
Delivering Intelligent Growth with Robust Data Analytics

During Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), health plan marketing departments spare no effort to meet organizational goals for member acquisition, revenue, and market share. Yet compressed schedules, tight budgets, and evolving market conditions make it difficult to adopt new strategies and tactics that enhance efficiency and acquisition ROI. Industry leaders recognize...

The Insight-Driven Health Plan:
Harnessing Data to Thrive in Medicare Advantage Markets

In the rapidly growing Medicare Advantage market, mid-sized regional health plans must work smarter with data to compete against the major national players. Success in acquiring, retaining and engaging members increasingly depends on deep and timely market intelligence. With Carrot MarketView Essentials, health plans can focus on using data-driven insights...

Carrot MarketView Case Study:
Leveraging Consumer Data to Grow Medicare Market Share

When facing rapidly evolving regulatory and competitive environments, health plans must be nimble, proactive, and ready to adapt. In this case study, we discuss how Medica used the Carrot MarketView™ software platform to respond to an upcoming Medicare regulatory shift — and to begin to reinvent how it engages with...
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