Carrot Health White Papers

The Secret Sauce of Population Health

The “secret sauce” of population health blends access to data with actionable analysis, curates partnerships across sectors, and connects with communities to create options for upstream interventions. This paper outlines changes in the health landscape, defines the social determinants of health, highlights data and collaboration as a key ingredients to success, and looks to innovative applications that define the first course in improving population health.

From Sick Care to Health Care

We all want to be healthy. Yet, the money we spend primarily goes to taking care of people once they are already sick. At that point, it is too late – it costs too much, and cannot turn back the clock to give someone “health.” Providing value by improving patients’ health – at an efficient price – is the future of our health system. Consumer data holds a predictive key.

Population Health Management in a Digital World

To improve community health outcomes, healthcare organizations need to look at indicators that go beyond traditional measures. Harnessing the power of social, economic, behavioral, environmental, and demographic data can bring a wealth of knowledge and predictive insights – allowing healthcare providers to address not only current population needs, but also emerging health risks and opportunities in the communities they serve.

Using Big Data to Grow New Services

How can a health system develop optimal new wellness programs tailored specifically to its unique market? Learn how Carrot Health and Fairview Health Services utilized analytics to identify key consumer segments and potential services for new revenue generation.