Carrot Health Team

Photo - Andrew Murphy

Andrew Murphy

Customer Solutions Manager
Photo - Nicole Norder

Nicole Norder

Consumer Solutions Manager
Photo - Jeremy Pang

Jeremy Pang

Software & Data Engineer
Photo - Spencer Pratt

Spencer Pratt

Vice President, Product
Photo - Amogh Rajan

Amogh Rajan

Product Manager
Photo - Brian Repko New

Brian Repko

Director of Data Engineering
Photo - Derek Rucker

Derek Rucker

Founder & Chief Data Scientist
Photo - Steve Sigmond New

Steve Sigmond

Founder, Chief Financial Officer, VP Marketing
Photo - Candace Slattery

Candace Slattery

Director of Security and Technical Operations
Photo - Zach Smith

Zach Smith

Software & Data Engineer
Photo - Alex Sweet

Alex Sweet

Director of Product Development

Kurt Waltenbaugh

Founder & Chief Executive Officer