Carrot Health Team

Meet Carrot Health’s team of innovators, entrepreneurs, and problem solvers.

As we eliminate barriers to better health for everyone, we put customers first, and support their success through hard work, enthusiasm for learning, and a passion to make a difference.

Photo - Declan Gallen

Declan Gallen

Data Engineer
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Natalia Golikova

Technical Project Manager
Photo - Mike Hartwell

Mike Hartwell

Director of Business Development

Danielle Heimkes

Tableau Developer

Lynelle Hubbard

Senior Marketing Manager
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Pearl Isawumi

Innovation Solutions Manager
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Michael Janson

Senior Data Engineer
Photo - Paul Kaefer

Paul Kaefer

Senior Analytics Engineer

Ameera Khan

DevOps Engineer

Bryan Kim

Analytics Solutions Analyst
Photo - Andre L'Heureux New

Andre L’Heureux

Chief Operating Officer
Photo - Jens Lillehei

Jens Lillehei

Senior Analytics Solutions Manager
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Andy Maas

Vice President, Data Engineering
Photo - Jake Mason

Jake Mason

Senior Data Scientist

George Mathews

Software Engineering Manager
Photo - Charles Miles

Charles Miles

Lead Tableau Developer

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