Carrot Health Team

Meet Carrot Health’s team of innovators, entrepreneurs, and problem solvers.

As we eliminate barriers to better health for everyone, we put customers first, and support their success through hard work, enthusiasm for learning, and a passion to make a difference.

Photo - Spencer Pratt

Spencer Pratt

Vice President, Product
Photo - Gowtham Rajaram

Gowtham Rajaram

Data Scientist
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Megan Riddle

Analytics Solutions Analyst
Photo - Eric Roden

Eric Roden

Junior Data Engineer
Photo - Derek Rucker

Derek Rucker

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Marc Seaberg

Senior Director, Product Management
Photo - Isaak Shaqalle

Isaak Shaqalle

Cloud Operations Engineer
Photo - Steve Sigmond New

Steve Sigmond

Founder, Chief Financial Officer, VP Marketing
Photo - Prashant Singh

Prashant Singh

Marketing Solutions Analyst
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Sean Skjerping

Customer Solutions Manager
Photo - Candace Slattery

Candace Slattery

Vice President, Security and Technical Operations
Photo - Alex Sweet

Alex Sweet

Vice President, Product Development

Leah Tessem

Junior Data Engineer
Photo - Lindsey Thiss

Lindsey Thiss

Customer Solutions Manager
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Bill Vang

Technical Support Specialist
Photo - Andrew Wallace-Jackson

Andrew Wallace-Jackson

Analytics Solutions Analyst

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