Addressing Upstream Community Health Needs in Uncertain Times

SDOH Needs Hierarchy

With so many unknowns amid the COVID-19 crisis, our customers are asking what they should do to engage members and communities, while continuing to provide exceptional member experience and high-quality care. At Carrot Health, we are actively developing data-driven solutions to support you during this challenging time. Our goal is to help inform your decision-making with the most complete set of data and analytics possible. Our monthly series of educational webinars, “Adjusting to the New Normal”, discusses how COVID-19 is impacting key aspects of your business.

Predicting consumer behavior and underlying SDoH needs is never easy. This year is much more difficult, with a pandemic, civil unrest, an economic crisis, and a presidential election all rolled together. How can we assess emerging community health needs in a completely unprecedented environment? How can we better address the upstream racial and economic equity issues that are fueling our country’s current public health and public safety crises?

Please join our July 30th webinar to learn:

  • Why public health and safety hot spots are often tied to race – and what this implies for the needed recovery
  • The results of Carrot Health’s latest survey on how COVID-19 is impacting consumer behaviors and preferences
  • How you can identify hot spots of need within a community or population
  • How combining consumer data analytics with market surveys can help you gain a more complete understanding of different sub-segments of your communities
  • How your health plan can streamline assessment workflow and establish programs to alleviate rising SDoH-related needs

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