AEP Results: What’s Happening in 2020?

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What were the key changes and movements in the Medicare Advantage market in 2019? Who were the winners and losers? What did consumers tell us last year? How can this information be used to influence 2021 bids?

A total of 3,534 MA and MMP plans are being offered in 2020 – a 15% increase from 2019. How will your plan differentiate in this competitive and crowded market?

Join this webinar to learn how consumer decisions, plan design, and other factors will impact 2020 MA growth across the country. Together, Carrot Health and Deft Research bring a unique, data-driven perspective.

Combining primary research, localized predictive analytics and segmentation, list generation, and daily AEP reporting outcomes creates the foundation for data-driven decisions that can drive successful AEP campaigns in highly competitive markets. With a plethora of plan options and a decline in switchers year-over-year, using data insights and targeting to inform your AEP growth strategy is increasingly important.

Attendees will learn:

• How national and regional plans fared in the market, and how plans used benefit design and other tactics to gain or lose market share
• How Deft Research’s 2019 primary research insights informed strategies for 2020 AEP
• How localized predictive analytics generates significant response lift over national marketing response models
• How combining hyper-local consumer segmentation with primary research helps you better understand your members and prospects
• How the combined Survey Solutions offering from Carrot Health and Deft Research can help to inform marketing strategies, prospect targeting, and 2021 plan design

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