Calculating the Cost of Social Risk

Emergency Department

Join Carrot Health and the Colorado Hospital Association (CHA) as we explore the correlation between social risk and healthcare utilization and costs.

We will identify key utilization metrics pertaining to social determinants of health and the impacts it can have on emergency department (ED) utilization and readmissions This industry-first statewide analysis of healthcare utilization addresses barriers preventing patients from leading their healthiest lives, and how hospitals can successfully intervene.  

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Proactively addressing SDoH factors and implementing interventions can reduce ED readmission and utilization
  • Identifying significantly higher risk populations at the individual level allows hospitals to strategically prioritize, begin outreach and impact vulnerable individuals within their communities
  • Increasing the accuracy of risk prediction and identifying appropriate intervention opportunities improves lives and reduces costs
  • Predicting ED super-utilization based on an individual’s social risk score using the Social Risk Grouper® can help hospitals

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