Leveraging Consumer Data to Grow Medicare Market Share

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How can a health plan better understand the consumers in its market – and use this knowledge to maintain and grow its market share in an ever-changing regulatory environment? That’s the challenge Medica, a nonprofit health insurance company headquartered in Minnesota, faced because of significant upcoming changes to Medicare that will affect more than 300,000 Medicare-eligibles currently enrolled in a Medicare Cost plan.

Medica took an innovative approach to meet this challenge: leveraging consumer data to better understand its enrolled book of business in comparison to competitors. Medica partnered with Carrot Health to develop and implement a hyper-local Medicare segmentation model that could be used by stakeholders throughout the organization.

Join Kurt Waltenbaugh, Founder & CEO of Carrot Health, to learn how Medica is using this technology to inform decision making related to product/plan development, channel preference, value proposition messaging, go-to-market strategy, and other aspects of a targeted consumer approach to the marketplace.

During the webinar, you will have the opportunity to learn more about:

  • How to use consumer data to discover opportunities and risks in your market
  • How to use hyper-local consumer segmentations to attract, retain, and engage members
  • How to operationalize data analytics to make your marketing campaigns more nimble and effective
  • How to develop a customer-centric, data-driven culture of innovation for your health plan

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