Member Experience: The Only Way to Succeed in Medicare Advantage

Carrot Health consumers

Member, client, or customer experience and retention is a critical part of success in any industry – and Medicare Advantage is no different. And we know it takes more time, money, and effort to obtain a new member than to retain one.

In MA, this is compounded by the fact that member experience also makes up for over 30% of STARs measures. Yet, we find that member experience and member retention programs are often undervalued, underfunded, and unaligned. For health plans to succeed, this needs to change.

Join Carrot Health and Rebellis Group as we discuss:

  • How to bridge the gap between data and strategy to inform your beneficiary experience and retention programs 
  • Identifying key leading – and lagging – indicators that should be evaluated as part of your member experience and retention program
  • Using predictive modeling to close gaps in beneficiary experience