Know Thy Customer: How Health Plans Can Combine Big Data Analytics and Primary Survey Data

Know Thy Customer

A data-driven understanding of the customer is an essential foundation for health plans that are striving to optimize CMS measures, member engagement, and market growth. This white paper describes two complementary approaches to developing a holistic, granular and personalized view of the customer – leveraging primary survey data and big data analytics, respectively – and examines the benefits of combining them. Specifically, we analyze trends in the most recent Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (2018 AEP) through the lens of Deft Research’s “Shoppers and Switchers” survey report, and through Carrot Health’s analytics-driven assessment of plan “Winners and Losers.” By combining these approaches, plans can develop a deep and robust understanding of consumer motives and priorities, as well as accurate predictions of both national and local market trends – improving both plan design and marketing efficiency.

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