Carrot Health Kurt Waltenbaugh

Kurt Waltenbaugh

Founder & CEO

Kurt is a serial entrepreneur who has built successful analytic solutions, products and companies in the healthcare, retail, manufacturing, education/credentialing and fundraising industries. His previous companies were sold to Oracle and Pearson Education. Most recently, Kurt was responsible for Product Strategy at Optum, Inc. (UnitedHealth), building data analytic businesses for the Provider, Payer and Employer markets.

Carrot Health Won Chung

Won Gabriel Chung, MD

Founder & Chief Medical Officer

As a Director of Evidence Integration and Informatics at Wolters Kluwer Health, Won has built clinical software connecting healthcare solutions into multiple EMR products and hospital systems for customers around the world. Won currently has a clinical practice as an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Minnesota Medical School and has completed the Archibald Bush Fellowship in Healthcare Innovation.

Carrot Health Derek Rucker

Derek Rucker, Ph.D.

Founder & CTO

Derek has extensive experience in analytics as the founder of two startups and strategic advisor to several more. His work has addressed issues in the medical device, consumer foods and software industries among others. Most recently, he worked for Seagate Technology as data scientist, mathematical modeler and program manager, coordinating teams across three continents.

Carrot Health Steve Sigmond

Steve Sigmond

Founder, CFO, CMO

Steve has advised and invested in emerging technology companies for the past 20 years. He founded one of Wall Street’s first Internet research practices at Wessels, Arnold & Henderson, covering the Internet infrastructure, data security, content management, and enterprise software sectors. At WA&H and its successor firms, Steve sourced and sponsored 56 public financings for market-leading technology companies.