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Carrot MarketView™: an easy-to-use Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) platform that pulls together a vast universe of consumer data, validated predictive models, and interactive visual reports to deliver actionable insight to health plans and health systems.

For Payers

Drive growth, gain market share, and improve population engagement and health outcomes.

For Providers

Improve health risk identification, patient engagement, and patient health outcomes. 

For Life & Disability

Better forecast mortality and long-term disability risk for groups and individuals.

Gain deep insight into consumers and their underlying social determinants of health (SDoH).

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Consumer Variables


Healthcare Data

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Carrot Health Insights | Medicare Advantage Moneyball

In October 1997, Billy Beane, an outfielder-turned-front-office-executive, was named General Manager of the Oakland Athletics. The A's were one of the lowest-revenue teams in Major League Baseball, with an aging stadium and a small but dedicated fan base. With no salary cap and limited revenue sharing, the league placed teams like the A's at a serious competitive disadvantage. Large-market teams...