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Insight to Action

We are enabling a future with no barriers to better health, for everyone. We believe that shining the bright light of data onto our disparities will help us, all working together, improve health.

  • We curate and analyze consumer data to provide a 360-degree view of the individual.
  • Our Carrot MarketView™ software platform provides actionable insights to inform Growth, Health, and Quality.

For Payers

Drive growth, gain market share, improve population engagement and health outcomes.

For Providers

Leverage SDoH risk identification, capture new patients, improve patient health outcomes and engagement.

Harness the power of one of the largest datasets in the health industry.

A 360º View of Consumers | Members | Patients

Consumer Data

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Healthcare Data

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Featured Webinar

Winning With Supplemental Benefits:
A Data-Driven Approach to Plan Design & Marketing
November 20, 2019, 12:00 CT

CMS’s expansion of supplemental benefits has changed the rules of competition, innovation, member engagement, and strategic growth in the Medicare Advantage market. To succeed in this new MA world, health plans must drill down on consumer needs, preferences, and priorities while expertly integrating strategy, plan design, marketing, and member experience. The winners in this new…

Carrot Health Insights

Carrot Health Insights | The Needle and the Damage Done

It’s not who you think. That’s the immediate observation we made after examining a dataset of 200,000 individuals, over 6,000 of whom had an opioid disorder diagnosis. What are some of the distinguishing behaviors of people with an opioid addiction problem? Some behaviors that got flagged were not surprising; others prompted deeper thought and empathy for those who struggle with...

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