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We use data and predictive modeling to deliver deep insights into consumers and their underlying social and behavioral determinants of health

  • Drive Growth

    Drive member and patient acquisition through consumer insights and hyper-local market segmentation

  • Manage Population Health

    Quantify variations in consumer behavior to forecast health outcomes and future health risk

  • Customer Validated

    Managing more than 3.2 million covered lives: Medicare, Medicaid, & Individual

  • Action Oriented

    Impact ”the last mile” through directed actions at the individual level for interventions today

Carrot MarketView™

Determinants of Health

Carrot MarketView™ uses consumer data and analytics to accelerate growth and improve population health outcomes. Social and behavioral factors drive 60-80% of health outcomes. Learn how health plans and health systems can harness social and behavioral data to increase market share, close gaps in care, and reduce costs.

Carrot Health Insights

Carrot Health Insights | Healthy Behavior #4: Chow Down

Please drop that donut. And step away from that soda machine. Your body will thank you... and so will our healthcare system. In the last several issues of Carrot Health Insights, we've been discussing the "Big Four" consumer lifestyle behaviors that affect population health and cost outcomes. To recap: a person cuts his or her risk of cancer by 60%, and risk of most chronic illnesses by 80%, if he or she consistently does these four things: Doesn't smoke (see here) Gets...

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