Putting the Consumer at the Center
of the US Healthcare System

Carrot MarketView™

Carrot Health's Healthcare Business Intelligence software platform delivers actionable insights to health systems and health plans to drive profitable growth.

Variation in consumer behavior drives 60% of health outcomes. Now your team can harness that information to:

  • Increase revenue
  • Improve outcomes
  • Close gaps in care
  • Reduce costs
Carrot Health

Carrot MarketView™ uses consumer data and analytics to drive profitable growth for health systems and payers

Consumer Data Repository

Healthcare's largest collection of social, behavioral, market and clinical data, with more than 5,000 variables covering more than 250 million individuals.

Comprehensive Data Analytics

Understand and predict healthcare consumer behavior and outcomes in your service area. Hyper-local segmentation at the county, ZIP code, and individual level brings unparalleled insights.

Healthcare Business Intelligence

Actionable insights, visualizations, and interactive reports that enable more informed decision-making for all key constituents across your organization.

Featured White Paper

Case Study: Measuring the Impact of Pharmacy Customer Loyalty on Health System Utilization and Readmission Rates

Do you know how to measure the value that a business unit delivers to its parent health system? In this case study, we analyze the impact of pharmacy customer loyalty on the Fairview Health Services system. Using individual-level consumer data and predictive modeling, we found that high loyalty to Fairview's pharmacy division was correlated with lower overall clinic system utilization and improved 30-day inpatient readmission rates. This case study introduces a new, data-driven methodology for measuring value. And with the Carrot MarketView Healthcare Business Intelligence software platform, you can use this same approach to analyze the service lines and business units in your organization. Download...

Carrot Health Insights

Carrot Health Insights | Healthy Behavior #1: No Smoking

In the last issue of Carrot Health Insights, we discussed the "Big Four" consumer lifestyle behaviors that affect population health and cost outcomes. A person cuts his or her risk of cancer by 60%, and risk of most chronic illnesses by 80%, if he or she consistently does these four things:...

Carrot Health Insights | Four Healthy Behaviors

What are the long-term financial and health consequences of the lifestyles we lead? Two recent studies that analyze the behavioral determinants of health can help answer this question. Harvard University researchers focused on cancer in this article, and researchers at Oregon State University and the University of Mississippi looked at...

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