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News from the COVID-19 Front Line:
An ER Outside of New York, Part II

There’s a gap in outcomes in men hospitalized for COVID-19, but we don’t know why. Could we be doing more to keep men healthy?

News from the COVID-19 Front Line:
An ER Outside of New York

Although the shelter-in-place works for many of us, lack of housing and other aspects of social determinants of health point to potentially disastrous outcomes for the homeless and other vulnerable populations.

Carrot Health Recap of the RISE Medicare Marketing and Sales Summit

The RISE Medicare Marketing and Sales Summit in Las Vegas was a great opportunity for everyone to take away new learnings to help them be successful in the competitive Medicare Advantage space.

Data-Driven Insights Identify Opportunities for Medicare Advantage Plans

Carrot Health’s CFO Stephen Sigmond recently authored a column in Fierce Healthcare describing how data-driven insights for Medicare Advantage plans can help insurers succeed. Using a data-driven business model, he says, regional health plans can more clearly define their competitive position, identify target markets for entry or expansion, customize product offerings, reduce costs, and save…

What Payers and Providers Really Need From SDoH Data

Clinicians know that overall health status has more to do with what happens outside the healthcare system than inside it but often don’t have detailed information about the social challenges impacting patients and communities. Even when they do have access to Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) data, it can offer an incomplete picture or lack…