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SDoH & The Hidden Barriers to Better Healthcare

The U.S. spends more money on healthcare than any developed nation. Yet health outcomes aren’t improving, even as spending continues to increase. The reason? Failing to address the social determinants of healt

The High Cost of Incomplete Risk Stratification in Healthcare

Established risk stratification approaches rely on claims data, and medical/condition risk to assess health needs, neglecting other critical data sources. By using SDoH and engagement data, payers and at-risk providers can generate a more accurate prediction of member risk.

News from the COVID-19 Front Line:
An ER Outside of New York, Part II

There’s a gap in outcomes in men hospitalized for COVID-19, but we don’t know why. Could we be doing more to keep men healthy?

News from the COVID-19 Front Line:
An ER Outside of New York

Although the shelter-in-place works for many of us, lack of housing and other aspects of social determinants of health point to potentially disastrous outcomes for the homeless and other vulnerable populations.

Carrot Health Recap of the RISE Medicare Marketing and Sales Summit

The RISE Medicare Marketing and Sales Summit in Las Vegas was a great opportunity for everyone to take away new learnings to help them be successful in the competitive Medicare Advantage space.