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Excitement and Exhaustion: Behind the Scenes at the Accenture HealthTech Challenge

The beauty of this rapid-fire approach is that it strips entrepreneurial ideas to their bare essentials. No room to over-analyze complex technology stacks. No time to explain how the future might look if only reimbursement models might change. No manicured promotional videos. Just speaking solo in front of eight senior leaders each of whom could be a future customer.

How SDoH Align With Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

By looking at these needs as basic human needs, health organizations will avoid the mistake of medicalizing SDoH. It will empower health organizations to go beyond the buzz and clinical protocols as embodied by a set of highly general ICD-10 Z-Codes and SDoH assessments.

The Bicycle of Healthcare Innovation

Engineer S.S. Wilson illustrated a simple yet profound concept: without aid, the efficiency of human movement is rather unimpressive; with aid of the bicycle, human efficiency ascends above and beyond all species. Here’s how data can be that force for health plans and healthcare innovation.

Carrot Health Believes in a Future With No Barriers to Better Health

We believe that shining the bright light of data onto our disparities as a nation will help us, all working together, change the face of health and reverse the approximately 50-year decline driven by increasing barriers to healthy lives.

A Requiem for American Sick-Care

Advancing healthcare, not sick-care will help build a nation without a 25-year mortality gap. It will enable a world that invests in creating and maintaining healthy lives, helping people before they get sick. At Carrot Health, this is what we strive for.