No Ordinary Summer Internship: Learning the Value of Actionable Insights With the Carrot Health Team

Published on August 21, 2019

By Natalie Narloch, Carrot Health Intern

Coming to Carrot Health for my interview was exciting and nerve-racking! I thought I might be interested in a career in the healthcare industry after taking an intro level healthcare class at my college. Not knowing what to expect at an early-stage, high-growth company like Carrot, I am so glad that I jumped into the deep end!

In school, I learned textbook knowledge about the current healthcare system and challenges that the nation is facing. Through the Carrot Health internship, I got a close-up, hands-on experience learning how Carrot is pioneering the future in helping medium-sized health plans make strategic decisions about where they can grow most effectively and determine which populations and segments are the best fit for current and future offerings.

Working in a collaborative space with the Carrot team, I got to update the website, organize data entries on Hubspot, sit in on sales and marketing meetings, research nationwide health systems, and watch consumer behavior variables on Carrot’s MarketView platform. I saw how all this really does turn data into actionable insights to meet payers’ and providers’ specific needs.

I learned so much and started to gain language that helps me better understand healthcare and its competitive landscape. The healthcare system is more integrated than I thought, and although not perfect, it is what we make it to be and has huge potential to change many lives for the better. I am so thankful for that opportunity. It was unlike any other past experience!

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