Help for Health Care Analysts: In-Depth Data on AEP Winners and Losers in 24 Hours

Published on February 19, 2019

Medicare health plans are mired in CMS enrollment data right now and pressed for time to answer some critical questions about their AEP performance:

  • How does your AEP success, or lack of, compare to the competition?
  • What product features won in your region?
  • What plans gained the most market share from AEP and age-in’s?
  • How did MOOP affect individuals’ plan choice?
  • How did brand new plans in the market do?

As you know, these questions can be answered with a lot of data extraction by your analysts. It may go something like this: download enrollment files from CMS, crosswalk plans as needed, retrieve plan benefit information from appropriate outside sources, manually map benefit strings, join plan benefits to enrollment data and on and on only to end up with a summary spreadsheet. And isn’t a spreadsheet just about the most unsatisfying, underwhelming result of all that work?

There’s an easier way for your analysts to dive into the data. Give them the “Winners and Losers” dashboard from Carrot Health MarketView!

Here’s an overview of what you may see before digging into the data:

Since MarketView gives your analysts over two dozen filters (including six you can customize specifically for your health plan), you can gain far deeper insights about AEP performance in your market.

Using our “Winners and Losers” dashboard, your analysts can find what they need with just a few clicks. It’s simple to define your own winning/losing parameters, select your filters and see how your plan compares on multiple dimensions, including premium, star rating, benefit design, MOOP, supplemental benefits, etc. In addition, all of the data can be exported into a crosstab for further manipulation and data visualization.

The dashboard is part of the Carrot Health’s MarketView Essentials platform package and can be turned on in as quick as 24 hours, allowing your analysts to do what they do best… analyze, instead of gather, data!

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