The Wall Street Journal on How Insurers Use Personal Data to Inform Health Interventions

Published on May 6, 2019

Health plans have come a long way in the last couple of years in understanding that social factors impact individual health and population health. And as they gain access to better and better data, insurers are figuring out how to use social determinants of health (SDoH) to inform interventions aimed at preserving and improving their members’ health.

We’re passionate about Carrot Health’s role in the movement to understand and utilize social determinants of health, and we’re always thrilled when we have the chance to celebrate our customers’ successes in reaching and engaging their members. As reported recently by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Carrot Health customer Health Alliance Medical Plans is among the regional health plans that are utilizing personal data to identify potential health risks and support and encourage member health.

In “Health Firms Are Looking at Personal Data,” WSJ reporter Brian Gormley explains why now is a good time for SDoH-driven efforts like those Health Alliance has undertaken: “These efforts are the result of a confluence of two trends: first, the rising recognition that social factors have a significant impact on health, and, second, a shift toward value-based care in medicine, where providers are rewarded for keeping patients healthy. By integrating medical data with personal information and applying analytics to it, insurers and health providers are hoping to identify patients at high risk of an illness or hospitalization and intervene to prevent it.”

Gormley also describes how Health Alliance is working with Carrot Health “consider hundreds of data points, including whether someone owns a dog and whether that person travels frequently” and correlate those factors with their likely impact on health. He writes, “Once high-risk patients are identified, Health Alliance starts outreach efforts to keep them healthy.”

In addition to referencing The WSJ article, you can learn more about Health Alliance Medical Plans’ efforts in our AEP precision marketing white paper.

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