Carrot MarketView™ Drives Profitable Growth for
Healthcare Payers

Use healthcare payer analytics to acquire new members by identifying consumers most likely to respond to your offering and accelerate growth in competitive markets through targeted outreach. 

Consumer Marketing & Segmentation


Accelerate your growth trajectory in competitive markets through targeted outreach and list generation fed directly into your CRM/agency partners


Improve profitability by aligning your plan design to specific consumer segments


Increase coordination across the enterprise with one version of the truth, promoting consumer segments unique to your business and geography.


MarketView Star Ratings

MarketView Star Ratings is a complete decision support and performance optimization solution. Variation in consumer behavior drives changes in Star ratings; MarketView Star Ratings identifies that variation, bringing your team the data and insights they need to improve performance during the current plan year.

Built on Carrot Health’s proprietary repository of consumer data and predictive models, MarketView Star Ratings allows you to track and forecast your plan’s progress on Part C & D measures, prioritize tactics and interventions for improvement, and target the right interventions to the right individuals.

What's Different?

  • 5,000 consumer variables drive micro-segmentation of your members to fully understand the social and behavioral determinants of health
  • Proprietary models predict which segment will have the highest response rate, and drive outreach at the individual member level
  • Ongoing real-time dynamic dashboards show trending and highlight areas of high impact and improvement opportunity

A Complete Reporting Platform

  • Run-rate & reporting for gap closure each month
  • Impact of achieving measure goal on overall rating outcome
  • Year-to-date trending, end of year forecasts, competitor trends
  • Analyze by contract, domain, measure, provider, member
  • Forecast future cut point changes based on local and national competitor behavior
  • Analytics reports plans/measures in danger of dipping below 4 star threshold
  • Calculate financial impact for current and future years
  • Build financial/ROI case for intervention by measure
  • Forecast impact on enrollment (AEP & Age-In)

Delivered as a hosted, software-as-a-service solution, MarketView Star Ratings can be deployed quickly to decision-makers on your team. The platform securely integrates with your claims data, and delivers analytics and reports via highly customizable visualization dashboards.

Care Management

  • Data Modeling
    Custom Cohorts For Intervention

    MarketView combines consumer data – 5,000 consumer variables, machine learning, and hyper-local modeling – with your membership and claims data. It gives you a prioritized list of cohorts and individuals with the greatest needs and the highest likelihood of effective response.

  • Program Match & Gap Identification

    It helps you understand the individuals and groups that best match your plan interventions, and identify program gaps. Your care managers receive a prioritized work list at the individual level.

  • Measure Intervention Effectiveness and ROI

    Your team can then understand the ongoing effectiveness of interventions on your members and HEDIS/Star Ratings, as well as track ROI by program, service area, and consumer segment.

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Close Gaps in Care

  • Prioritize gaps for closure
  • Build business case for investment in closure – project & measure ROI by program intervention
  • Create actionable worklist, prioritized by member

Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • Match members with the appropriate interventions they are most likely to respond to, reducing unnecessary touchpoints and increasing member overall happiness

Reduce Program Costs

  • Prioritize investments with the highest marginal return, reducing the cost per member & cost per physician for each successful intervention

Reduce Total Cost of Care

  • Intervene before claims are incurred, reducing overall clinical spend before it happens

Risk Management

MarketView uses consumer data and advanced predictive modeling to forecast future risk at the individual and population level – even for members with no claims history. Your team can use these insights to intervene before costly events occur.

Population Health

Environmental, behavioral, economic and demographic characteristics drive 80-90% of an individual’s current and future health status. To understand and predict health risks, population health professionals need to understand the social and behavioral factors that determine health.

MarketView gives your population health team a full view of the consumers in the communities you serve. Your team can better prioritize outreach programs where they will be most effective and impactful.


- Male, Age 58
- Married, 3 Adult Children
- Education: BA
- Household Income: $100k
- Household Net Worth: $500k
- Fitness Level: Medium
- Frequent Traveler, Domestic & Int'l
- Regular Voter - Leans Democratic
- Tech Savvy & Online Shopper
- Preferred Channel: email or web
- Negative Channel: landline phone
- Pet Owner, Dog

Likely2 Scores:

- High Patient Engagement
- High Diabetic Index
- Weak Primary Care Bond

Annual Health Spend < $2k


- Male, Age 58
- Divorced, 1 Adult Child
- Education: BA
- Household Income: $100k
- Household Net Worth: $500k
- Fitness Level: Low
- Sporadic Voter
- Catalog Shopper
- Preferred Channel: direct mail
- Negative Channel: web, social
- No pets

Likely2 Scores:

- Low Patient Engagement
- High Diabetic Index
- Weak Primary Care Bond

Annual Health Spend > $18k

Membership Analytics and Competitive Landscape

    • Increase coordination across the enterprise with one version of the truth, promoting consumer segments unique to your business and geography.
    • Coordinated view of members & consumers for product, marketing, sales, operations, actuaries, & finance
    • Cost savings due to automated operational reporting
  • Identify business opportunity by individual, geography, product/plan, market for member acquisition
  • Identify consumers at risk for termination, drivers to keep them

Sales Channel Performance


Standardize process - detect variation early to:

  • Drive adoption
  • Increase retention
  • Monitor competitor plan design, compensation, market share

Carrot MarketView for Sales Managers

  • Do you know which brokers are bringing you the best customers? Internal agents?
  • Which sales channel or individuals bring the most loyal members?
  • What about clinical risk?
  • Where is the most untapped opportunity, by geography, product, channel?
  • Which consumers will choose Advantage? Supplement?
  • Build a list of prospects to help generate leads

Carrot MarketView for Sales Managers does that, and much more!

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