Carrot MarketView™ for Healthcare Payers

The Carrot MarketView Platform improves mission-critical operations – identifying market opportunities to drive growth, empowering a better understanding of how to reach and engage your members to improve quality, and managing member health.

Bringing Consumer Insights to Health Plans

Carrot Health provides the largest integrated dataset in healthcare


The Carrot MarketView Platform

The Carrot MarketView Platform is designed for security and scalability across a large integrated dataset. MarketView‘s three easy-to-use modules include data visualization dashboards and advanced reporting, along with world-class services.

Experience the power of an Enterprise Platform.

Accelerate member growth and market share with MarketView Growth

MarketView Growth provides marketing teams with unique micro-segments and consumer preferences in their service areas, and shows them how to prioritize and target specific groups and individuals to optimize new member acquisition and member retention.

  • Market Intelligence provides immediate access to national market information such as plan benefits, market share, plan winners and losers by geography, and much more
  • Dramatically improve the cost efficiency and conversion rate for consumer marketing campaigns
  • Track the results of every marketing campaign automatically
  • Get detailed reports on who became a member and cost of acquisition

80% of Carrot Health customers outperformed the market with a net growth of 7.8%

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Maintain and improve Medicare Star Ratings and more with MarketView Quality

MarketView Quality gives your team a forward-looking view of the metrics and actions needed to maintain or improve Star Ratings, impact HEDIS measures, and improve member experience.

  • Get up-to-the-minute, measure-by-measure action plans
  • Prioritize individual member outreach lists by predicted likelihood of closing specific gaps in care
  • Make Star Ratings gap closure campaigns more cost-effective and impactful
  • Understand your members through survey capabilities, including administering and analyzing off-cycle CAHPS surveys, assessing existing HOS data, all integrated into the MarketView platform – delivered in partnership with Deft Research

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Understand underlying SDoH risk and reduce TCoC in your membership with MarketView Health

MarketView Health leverages Carrot Health’s market-leading database of Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) – social, behavioral, economic, and environmental factors – at the individual level.

  • Identify future high-cost members
  • Prioritize interventions that positively impact health outcomes
  • Access hundreds of proprietary predictive models – predict without the need for historical claims or clinical data
  • Utilize our Social Risk Grouper to deliver SDoH dashboards and scores for your members, providing visibility to the underlying risk factors leading to poor outcomes, and directing program investment
  • Social Risk Groups (SRGs) are built from predictive social risk models that group every individual into high, medium, or low risk for each of the groups, along with a normalized local index.
  • Each of the SRGs roll up into one of four categories. Each individual is locally stratified within each category as high, medium, or low risk.
  • The Grouper scores every individual in the U.S. to deliver a single risk score from 0 (low) to 99 (high).

SRG Categories


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