Carrot MarketView™for Life & Disability

Life and Disability:
Cloud-Based Consumer Health Risk Scoring Solutions

Group Risk Ratings

  • Predictive risk scoring for populations, based on health and consumer data
  • Expedite your group underwriting decisions
  • Improve your visibility into the future costs and risks

Evidence of Insurability

  • Individual health risk scores, based on health and consumer data
  • Faster, more accurate decision-making with fewer questionnaires and physical exams
  • Improve your customer experiences

Disability Claims Management

  • Predict a given individual's liklihood to recover once on Long-Term Disability
  • Allocate your return-to-work resources to people who are most likely to recover

Powered by Healthcare's Largest Collection of Individually Identified Consumer Data


  • Real-time dashboards show broker performance and how they compare
  • Inside sales channel effectiveness
  • Book of business, revenue and termination statistics and reporting
  • New sales and member risk profiles by sales channel
life and disability