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Carrot MarketView™ for Life & Disability

Utilize consumer data to augment traditional actuarial scoring for individual, group life, and disability/return to work. Secure and compliant models and score delivery with full disclosure and transparency.

Bringing Consumer Insights to Life & Disability

Improve risk scoring with MarketView Life & Disability

Cloud-based consumer risk scoring solutions efficiently delivered to your systems

MarketView Life & Disability brings a new way to improve your accuracy and reduce variability in modeling.  Powered by one of healthcare’s largest collection of consumer data and predictive models and designed to augment your actuarial processes.

  • Predictive risk scoring for populations, based on consumer data
  • Expedite your group underwriting decisions
  • Improve your visibility into future costs and risks
  • Faster, more accurate decision-making with fewer questionnaires and physical exams
  • Improve your customer experiences
  • Predict a given individual's likelihood to recover once on Long-Term Disability
  • Allocate your return-to-work resources to people who are most likely to recover

Likely to (L2™) Models and Scores

Over 150 models deliver risk scores at the group or individual level

Scores include the following:

  • L2 be a tobacco user
  • L2 have diabetes
  • L2 have opioid dependency
  • L2 have depression
  • L2 be obese
  • L2 have cardiovascular disease

Get to know the complete MarketView Platform

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