Carrot Shtick Podcast

Kurt Waltenbaugh hosts Carrot Shtick, a podcast that invites industry experts into conversation about healthcare and data.

Episode 8: A New Philosophy of Better Health

What barriers to health might be in place for recent immigrants and how do we put people on a path to better health? At its core, this is a story of culture, understanding the whole person and their unique individual stories. Learn how the creators of Intercultural Alliance work together to improve health disparities in Somali communities, one person at a time.

Episode 7: The Logistical Challenge of Hunger

Kurt Waltenbaugh and Rob Williams discuss the roots of hunger in America and how, at its core, hunger is both simple and solvable.

Episode 6: The New Face of Homelessness

Kurt Waltenbaugh and Jason Shaplen discuss the linkage between housing and health, why homelessness has grown into such an enormous crisis and what the solutions may be.

Episode 5: The Intersection of Philanthropy and Economics

Kurt Waltenbaugh and José Diaz discuss the meaning of “smart philanthropy” and why its emphasis on results matters to the broader community. Join them to hear about how calculating impact helps to focus resources where they’ll do the most good.

Episode 4: Tracking the Impact of State Policy on COVID-19 Hospitalizations

Kurt Waltenbaugh and Pinar Karaca-Mandic discuss her research on the impact of state policy regulations on COVID-19 hospitalization rates. Join them to hear about the results and the implications for the next several months.