Carrot Health Recap of the RISE Medicare Marketing and Sales Summit

Published on April 2, 2020

by Rachele Elasky

In February, Carrot Health had the opportunity to attend the RISE Medicare Marketing and Sales Summit in Las Vegas. Dozens of different vendors attended, and hundreds of people came to network, listen to speakers, and further their education on Medicare during the two-day conference.

The conference was a great opportunity for everyone to take away new learnings to help them be successful in the competitive Medicare Advantage space. Presentations were given by a variety of speakers at the conference, including Carrot Health Vice President of Product Spencer Pratt. Topics ranged from marketing campaign strategies, Medicare shopper patterns, case studies, retaining membership, and more.

There were a couple of presentations that stood out based on content and key takeaways that strongly applied to Carrot Health, specifically:

  • On the first day of the conference, Deft Research hosted a presentation on what influences Medicare shopping patterns and what drives consumers to shop and switch their plan. (These topics were also emphasized in a recent Carrot Health AEP webinar and AEP white paper.) Deft noted the decline of Medicare Supplemental plan enrollment, which has been trending downward while Medicare Advantage has experienced an increase in enrollment year over year. As shoppers in the Medicare space become more selective in their plan choice, a lower premium plan that offers supplemental benefits and prescription drug coverage is more attractive than paying an expensive monthly premium that does not include additional benefits. Furthermore, Deft discussed main reasons for consumers to shop and switch their Medicare plans, including high prescription drug costs, high premiums, and dental coverage issues.
  • Another presentation, given by BCBS of North Carolina, switched gears and focused less on data analytics and more on personal relationships, specifically the relationships between different teams. She explained how difficult it can be for these different teams to work together and achieve the same goal. Each team at any company has processes and details that the team must do to accomplish its own work, and other teams may not understand these protocols. We experience a similar situation at Carrot Health; customer solutions managers, the product team, product development, and data teams are all working towards the same goal to serve customers but may not fully understand what other teams have to do to fulfill their parts of the effort. The speaker emphasized that teams need to remember to listen to each other, keep each other informed, and show gratitude to those teams all working together to accomplish the same result.

The RISE Medicare Marketing and Sales Summit was a fast-paced event that was filled with great speakers and several educational takeaways. It was a fulfilling opportunity to listen to different perspectives and topics and meet new people in the Medicare Advantage space. The Las Vegas location suited the high energy that was consistently prevalent among the attendees of the conference. Carrot Health appreciated the experience to attend RISE 2020, and we look forward to attending RISE 2021!

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